What is Turkey e-Visa?

Introduction of Turkey e-Visa

Every foreign citizen is required to obtain a visa before entering Turkey. There are two ways to apply for a visa for Turkey: the e-Visa and the regular visa

Turkey e-Visa is one kind of the visa issued online by the Government of Turkey.

Turkey e-Visa is provided for non-Turkish visitors who want to travel to Turkey.

Turkey e-Visa

What is an e-Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)? Is it a Visa On Arrival (VOA)?

The e-Visa format resembles a visa on arrival, but is not exactly a visa on arrival. The applicant needs to submit their Turkey visa forms online and pay the necessary fees online. The applicant would be informed online if the electronic visa is "granted" or "rejected".

You do not have to courier your passport or visit a Turkish Embassy or Consulate. Once your visa for Turkey is granted, which you will be notified of online, you can board your plane.

While similar, it is still not exactly a visa on arrival as you still have to apply before you arrive in Turkey. However, it’s a lot less cumbersome than couriering your passports or having to line up outside a Turkish Embassy/Consulate.

Eligibility for a Turkey e-Visa


- Only the following intentions are considered innocent by the Turkish Government: Short term recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives. Setting up industrial/business venture, sale/purchase/trade, attending technical/business meetings, recruiting manpower, participation in exhibitions, business/trade fairs, expert/specialist in connection with an ongoing project, conducting tours.


- The original document should be valid for another 06 (six) months from arrival.

Approved nationalities

There are many available countries which are permitted for Turkey e-Visa application.

Visa fees

The visa fees for Turkey e-Visa consist of 02 kinds of fee: service fee and Government fee.

- Service fee is charged with helping you to get Turkey e-Visa as rapid as possible.

- Government fee is charged by the policy of the Government of Turkey.

Document requirements for a Turkey e-Visa

- Applicant’s scanned passport must contain all personal particulars.

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